1. Got food waste?

    By Chandler Clay

    Of all the things we waste as a society, food has to be one of the silliest. We hand select what foods we buy, so we should be more than willing to eat it all before it goes bad, right? Wrong. Toss in a few frozen dinners and a night or two out each week and we’ve got ourselves some sketchy spinach and moot meat. 

    27 percent of all the food we bring into the house ends up in the trash. You might think that’s OK because food is biodegradable, but when organic items join inorganic ones at the landfill party, they release methane as they decompose. Not so fun for the ozone layer.

    So what can you do? No More Dirty Looks blogger Siobhan O’Conner came up with some inventive suggestions. Here are my three favorites.

    Freeze your food scraps. That’s right. Rather than scraping your last unwanted potatoes into the trash bag, toss them into a freezer bag. Once you have a bag or two filled with scraps, take them to a local farmer’s market where some composters would be more than happy to take your trash and turn it into fertilizer to grow some fresh produce. While you’re there, pick up some local tomatoes or strawberries to make next week’s meals.

    Play ”Top Chef” in your kitchen. My favorite “Top Chef” episodes to watch are the ones with the secret ingredient challenges. Challenge yourself to find a new, fun, tasty recipe that requires a lot of cooked veggies so you can get rid of all your most questionable produce.

    Shop like a Parisian. Sounds nice, right? But what does it mean? Rather than going to the grocery store in one fell swoop, decide day-of what you’d like to have for dinner and pick up a fish filet or some corn on the cob on
    your way home from work. Just keep the basics back at your place so the trip is quick and easy. 

    If you can take even just one of these simple steps to reduce your food waste, you can drastically improve your carbon footprint over the course of the year. And this way you don’t have to feel guilty about grabbing the instant mac-and-cheese or hitting up your favorite restaurant. Bon appetit!

    (Source: stumbleupon.com)


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